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Where video game music meets heavy metal, post it here. Please post the artist name + song title + video game from where the music originates. Primarily this subreddit is for heavy metal covers of video game music. 'Heavy metal' can also include subcategories of metal such as power metal or death metal, etc. Acceptable: ...
Action · In a dystopian future, the ice caps have melted and the oceans swallowed most of the land. Now, clans fight in cyberspace over what's left. Arena deathmatch shooter based on the classic Sci-Fi fantasy comics magazine, Heavy Metal (1981).
No video game in the history of gaming has courted, appealed to, genuflected to the altar of heavy metal quite like Tim Schafer's excellent action-adventure title, Brütal Legend. The game's main character, Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), battles his way through hordes of scary enemies using his axe.

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Heavy Metal Gamer Video Blog: Video Game Genres I Hate – GamingRebellion

Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity. In many ways video games and heavy metal go hand in hand, at least when their digits arent occupied with a multiplayer match and/or mind-melting guitar solo. Twisted Metal: Black. Guitar Hero: Metallica. Doom. *INCOHERENT ROARING*
Metal music – be it particularly heavy, a little glam, or somewhere else on the spectrum (no pun intended) – has made its way into the word of video games, on and off, since the early 1980s. Here's a timeline of notable titles bearing no little rock in their digital DNA, as rounded up by Mike Diver. 1982
Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 is a third-person shooter video game made by Ritual Entertainment in 2000. The sequel to the Heavy Metal 2000 animated film, the game stars Julie in her quest to save her home planet of Eden from GITH, an ancient entity seeking to conquer the universe. Using a variety of weapons, Julie must fight ...
Brütal Legend is an action-adventure video game with real-time strategy game elements created by Double Fine Productions and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was released during October 2009 in North America, Europe, and Australia. Though Brütal Legend was originally to.

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Replay: A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games

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Watch This Guy Rip Through 38 Metal Covers of Classic Game Tunes

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Set for release on indie-game hub Steam at the end of the week, Metal Tales: Fury Of The Guitar Gods is a bird's-eye-view action-adventure outing that "mixes Metal with pure adrenaline to deliver the ultimate 3D rogue-like shooter".
The game was developed by Gijón-based company in association with digital label Kiss Ltd, and promises its players the chance to "fight against the curse that affects your brothers in Metal and free them from an ancient evil".
Energised power chords are check this out weapon of choice, and each end-level boss will wield a different style of shred-mastery, from Heavy Metal to Brutal Death, with Spanish and international bands providing the crushin' backing tunes to get you in the mood to melt some faces.
The game boasts the usual trappings including collectible items, unlockable upgrades, different playable characters and more, as well as local video game heavy metal capabilities.
Despite being a Spanish-made game, it will be available in both its native tongue and in English, so don't steer clear over any concerns about not being able to understand what's going on.
Not that the plot really requires much in the way of comprehension as it is; promo material on the game's website basically sums it up as: "The Guitar Gods have been cursed.
A video game heavy metal will answer the call to save his brothers and sisters in Metal.
Metal Tales: Fury Of The Guitar Gods.
A Breach Of Silence will release their new album, Secretson 24 February 2017.
GALLERY: Metal Tales: Fury Of The Guitar Gods Click to enlarge images.



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