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Bachelor parties in Vegas generally fall in two categories: The “money is no object” or the “we're still saving to buy wedding gifts (and we haven't paid our rent yet)” kinds. No matter. Whether you're throwing caution to the wind or reigning in expenses, there are five key ingredients for any stag gathering.
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For the ultimate stag party with breathtaking casinos, mind boggling stage shows, adult entertainment and bright lights as far as the eye can see then look to Las Vegas where you and your stags can gamble, drink, eat and enjoy every second of the twe.

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20 Amazing Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas for Unforgettable Times

Having first opened its doors in 1906 as "Hotel Nevada", the Golden Gate is the oldest continuously running hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The Venetian - The Venetian is one of the best hotels for a Las Vegas stag weekend and even has two incredible canals with 814,000 gallons of water. "Mamma mia!"
Take over a crazy suite, fly a jet and play poker when following our guide to the most amazing Las Vegas bachelor party ideas.
Make your Las Vegas bachelor party amazing with Vegas Party VIP! Bachelor party packages include activities like gentlemen's clubs, pool parties, & more.
Relive The Hangover on your stag do in Las Vegas with epic stag party activities, nightlife, hotels and more.

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Las vegas stag do / bachelor party with some GoPro footage 2016

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Stag Parties - The Bride's View

Vegas Hen Parties, Las Vegas Stag Parties

Everything about Las Vegas screams, "I WANT TO MAKE MISTAKES".
Free booze if you're gambling, of course.
These are the best kinds of mistakes.
Your group doesn't need to be the Rat Pack or the wolf pack from The Hangover to send your friend off into wedded oblivion.
Holiday weekends are obviously stag party in vegas busiest times in Vegas -- people in Middle America sure do love escapism.
That goes doubly for New Year's.
The dead of summer daylight hours stick between 100 and 110 degrees.
To walk around the pool barefoot is to know how your steak felt before it got to your plate.
Instead, hit Vegas in the winter.
High temps here are still prime for swimming 70-degree January afternoons are commonplaceand you can actually walk down the Strip without the hot stink of sewage making your eyes water.
Not only does it have one of the biggest and best nightclubs in the countrybut almost every one of the restaurants has some internationally renowned chef behind it.
Pro tip: Rent a Northeast corner suite on a double-digit floor.
We recommend, andwhich, no shit, has a water slide running through a live shark tank.
Like the major destination cities, Las Vegas is full of crazy homes of constantly traveling celebrities or quiet billionaires.
Plus, it isn't too far from the Pro Gun Club.
But you won't be hard-pressed to find motor boats to rent at any of the marinas.
This should be at the top of your to-do list.
Thirty minutes West of the Strip, everywhere you look is a trail or a well-worn rock face still covered in chalk or mountain peaks the color of your sunburn.
And the options run the gamut, from casual-Sunday-afternoon stroll to Bear-Grylls dropped-in-the-wilderness trek.
Look up the very specific directions for findinga hidden local favorite with ice-cold pools fed by thawing snowcaps springtime is your best bet here, obviously.
The best bets are MGM GrandCosmopolitan of Las Vegas and The Hard Rock Hotel.
You can walk with an open container — Beer!
A literal meter of booze in slushy form!
The restaurant prepares simple dishes cooked perfectly to showcase the cow's primo cuts.
We say reserve one of the private dining rooms and take on the Wagyu New York strip or the 96oz porterhouse.
But for really great, authentic, punch-you-across-the-mouth sushi, go to Kabuto in Chinatown.
Everything is flown in daily, and this, the top-tier prix fixe menu, includes all the best cuts.
This is the premium fatty tuna all other fatty tunas keep pictures of in their lockers.
Everything, from the salads we know, but seriouslyto the sushi, to the fillet, to the dessert stand will show you how eating should be done.
Not only can you get a solid steak in an old-school Vegas environment, but the cocktails are some of the top in town.
Order classics and unknot that bow tie.
We recommend beers at The Griffin, dancing at and cocktails at Velveteen Rabbit.
Grand Lux is open 24 hours and has, among other things, a killer egg white omelet and buffalo chicken rolls.
If you snag a cab stag party in vegas Chinatown: This is the spot Strip chefs go after work to eat.
Yes, ladies of the night are plentiful in Vegas if a pretty girl alone at the bar eyes you and calls herself a "private dancer," you've found one.
But you've got a private driver, right?
There are famous — I mean, TV shows and Gene Simmons from KISS endorsements — legal brothels stag party in vegas hour or more outside of town.
Try stag party in vegas Pahrump, or in Sparks.
Use their free limo service to get here and order a few bottles if you want to do this right.
Think old-school cabaret, but nakeder.
Get a driver If you're following our high-roller package, just get a car and a stag party in vegas />Vegas hasn't warmed up to Uber yet, and cabs on the Strip can only stop at cab stands and hotels.
That dude in the black Lincoln Town Car let's call him Morty, because why the hell not?
A few words on clubs If you're dropping real money, you can walk into any club you damn well please.
What the VIP hosts at the high-profile Vegas clubs know is that bachelor parties are there to buy drinks.
Girls will join them.
Walking On the Strip, you can walk the streets with booze in hand.
We have no idea what happens to the glasses.
But don't take that to the neighborhood bars, and don't be surprised if they take it out of your hands on Fremont Street the laws down there are still grey.
Keep in mind, this isn't Bourbon street.
Las Vegas has more pedestrian fatalities than New York and Los Angeles.
Or better yet, stay on four wheels with a ton of steel around you -- you know, provided you're not behind the wheel.
Clubs, casinos, restaurants, bars.
Prostitution Just be aware that prostitution is illegal inside city limits.
We've already covered that.
That doesn't mean there's any lack of prostitutes stag in vegas and outside casinos -- that provocatively dressed lady at the slot machine at 5 am is looking to make money, but not how you'd probably imagined.
Any club is a great source.



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