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PS4 5.0 will be Sony's next PlayStation system update, which will include a beta that fans can sign up for.. The beta is now open for players to register for, with the testing phase kicking off in early August. Users must. PS4 4.50 update is due to launch March 9, here Express.co.uk run through the features.
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Pokémon Go Update and News: Legendary Pokémon land and next event

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The Pokémon Company. The beta field test for the eagerly-awaited smartphone app Pokémon Go is now open to potential trainers in the US. Registration for the augmented reality game from Nintendo and mobile game developer Niantic Labs opened on 16 May (2016), leaving UK poke-fans still waiting to.
PS4 5.0 will be Sony's next PlayStation system update, which will include a beta that fans can sign up for.. The beta is now open for players to register for, with the testing phase kicking off in early August. Users must. PS4 4.50 update is due to launch March 9, here Express.co.uk run through the features.
THE POKEMON GO release date for the UK has yet to materialise but developers Niantic have given fans a recent update on the situation.. Niantic have warned that due to the incredible number of Pokemon Go downloads, some Trainers may experience sign-up difficulties in the short term.

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Pokémon Go launches in Germany as hit smartphone game reaches Europe | Games | The Guardian


Pokemon Pokemon go beta sign up uk Update: Trading and Player Battles Pokemon company boss Tsunekazu Ishihara has confirmed that trading pokemon go beta sign up uk player-vs-player battles are in development for the popular mobile title.
Pokémon Go Update: Changes to raids Niantic has made a few changes pokemon go beta sign up uk the in-game raids and not everyone is thrilled.
Specifically, there are new prizes to be had when completing raids.
Redditers over on The Silph Road board have carried out some research, and claim Rare Candy and Golden Razz drops are less common now.
Players gathered at the Poké fest to take part in three legendary raids, only to discover the genetically-enhanced Poké creature was available for capture.
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Meanwhile, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are now available in the game until Aug.
Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Lugia Pokemon go beta sign up uk you may have heard, Legendary Pokémon like Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Lugia will be available to catch for a limited time this summer.
Hosted by the Pokémon Company, it takes place between August 9-15, with details of how Pokémon Go will feature set to be announced in due course.
There are also plenty of new features for trainers to enjoy on a day-to-day basis, with the latest major change to the game being how you earn PokéCoins.
The coins are the main way to buy new goodies in the game, and there are just two core ways of getting them.
You can even shell out an incredible £99.
You can also earn coins through non-payment methods, mind.
For instance, every 10 minutes you have a Pokémon in a Gym, you gain a single.
A number of other new features dropped this summer, too, courtesy of a birthday update on June 19.
First on the menu is a major gym overhaul.
There will also be Gym Badges, which will be awarded for various outstanding gym accolades, six monster slots in every gym and the ability to pick up items from gyms just as you would from a PokéStop.
Raid Battles are another new addition, allowing up to 20 trainers to work together against the clock to battle rare bosses, who will randomly pop up at gyms.
If you succeed in taking the boss down, you get the chance to capture a rare Pokémon.
You can use Technical Machines to teach old Pokémon new Fast Attack or Charged Attack.
Related: Pokémon Go Summer Update: The background Niantic Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Mathieu de Fayet has spoken to Brazilian newspaper O Globo, revealing the long-awaited Legendary creatures will be arriving this summer.
How do you keep players interested in the game?
Due to the large success of the game, we had to delay some planned innovations.
Pokémon Go Update: Niantic talks anti-hacking features Developer Niantic has discussed new anti-hacking features for Pokémon Go which could see players using unauthorised techniques unable to see Pokémon.
Pokémon Go Update: Legendary creatures incoming?
But it seems they may not have long to click the following article until the creatures are officially introduced.
Niantic is also currently holding a Pokémon Go Adventure Week celebration.
The event brings more Rock-type Pokémon to the game such as Omanyte, Kabuto, and their Evolutions.
It also means more items will be awarded from every PokéStop, and Poké Balls will be 50% off in the in-game shop.
On top of that, buddy Pokemon will find Candy four times as fast.
The event is running now and finishes at 9pm GMT on May 25.
Specifically, the Android version of the game now allows players to enter promo codes in the Shop in order to redeem special items.
Promo codes can be used to redeem items such as Poké Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, and more.
Just head into the Map View and tap the Main Menu button.
Then hit Redeem, and you should be good to go.
Pokémon Go Update: Is Niantic planning a big event this year?
Niantic has been trying to keep players on its popular game with several special events that offer upgrades, special items, and the chance to catch different creatures.
Recently there was a festival of water Pokemon, but there are source small events like just click for source, and in addition there will be big events as well.
Please look forward to it.
Engineers are working hard now so that new functions can be implemented.
Many are expecting the Legendary Pokémon to appear later this year, alongside long-rumoured features such as raids, PvP modes, and player trading.
Pokémon Go Update: Legendary creatures incoming?
The generation one and two legendary creatures include Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and, of course the legendary birds Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.
Niantic will add a bunch of new features to the game alongside the new creatures.
Next, Niantic has added a few new evolution items which means some animals originally discovered in the Kanto region will soon be able to evolve into Pokemon that inhabit the Johto region.
These new evolution items will be available at PokeStops.
At first, we thought this might be happening in December 2016, when an update introduced a handful of Gen 2 Pokémon into the game, or later in the holiday season when the Pokémon Go Christmas event kicked off.
The latest release saw Pokémon Go updated to version 0.
Pokémon Go updates — what else is new?
But back to the good stuff.
The Pokémon Go Apple Watch companion app is now available and means that keen Pokétrainers will now be able to leave their iPhone in their pocket and still get notifications about nearby critters, hatched eggs, and medals, plus being able to collect goodies from Pokéstop — all from your wrist.
Fans of the AR game hoping for a massive Gen 2 Christmas update that would introduce all 100 Gen 2 critters to the game were left disappointed recently, as in the end, all we got was a measly three new confirmed Pokémon back in 2016 — Pichu, Togepi and Magby.
And Pikachu in a Santa hat.
It was all a bit meh.
But additional Gen 2 Pokémon should keep trickling out throughout the year.
Pokéblog The Silph Road the Gen 2-teasing code in the Pokémon Go v0.
According to the site, the code noted 100 Gen 2 critters from number 152 in the Pokédex Chikorita to number 251 Celebi.
A smaller update, which Niantic dropped on December 6, allowed you to transfer multiple Pokémon to Professor Willow, while the developer also recently dropped Ditto into play.
Buy Now: Pokemon Go Plus at Pokémon Go latest news and rumours A big tweak landed with version 1.
This move is obviously motivated by safety concerns over people playing the game while driving.
As promised by developer Niantic, one big new feature was recently added in Catch Bonus.
Pokétrainers will now receive a capture bonus for snaring multiple Pokémon, with the medals earned helping to improve your odds of click at this page rare Pokémon.
The other main change of late saw Gym Training in Pokémon Go receive a bit of an overhaul.
Previous updates to the game have introduced a raft of new features.
First up is Capture Location, a simple addition to the game that means the spot where you snared a particular Pokémon will now be displayed on its statistics screen.
Perhaps more significantly, the accessory is finally out in the wild for a lucky few, with new shipments expected to resume later in October.
With that in mind, Niantic has added the ability to use Incense to lure Pokémon right from the in-demand wristband.
When we last checked, though, it was still out of stock with Nintendo.
On the way out has been the ability to officially play the game on jailbroken or rooted devices — Niantic has confirmed that the game will not support modified operating systems, as it looks to continue to crackdown on bots, scrapers, and other forms of — what it deems to be — cheating in the game.
Related: Scroll down to learn more about the latest Poképatches.
Related: Pokémon Go Update — Nearby tracking The biggest change in version 1.
Previously, users of the app were able to identify how close nearby monsters were by the number of paw prints next to their icon.
Niantic changed things around with version 1.
Previously, tracking nearby creatures involved bringing up the Nearby list and walking around to see whether your desired Poké creature moved up or down the order, providing an idea of where the beast was hiding.
Related: As you can see, the PokéStop is highlighted in a top-down map view, but remains highlighted once the view returns to normal.
This allows you to navigate to the supply store with ease.
This menu simply lists Pokémon that have appeared in your immediate area; it features none of the functionality listed above.
Pokémon Go Update — Battery-saver mode One change that had iOS users baffled and angry after the release of version 1.
Related: Fortunately, Niantic has seemingly recovered from its momentary bout of insanity and reinstated the feature in the new update.
Players can now simply turn their iPhone upside-down to dim the screen, allowing them to walk around with the game still running.
Hopefully battery-saving mode is back for good this time.
Pokémon Go Update — What else is new?
Niantic has also fixed a few niggling issues.
This always used to be the case, but for some reason the feature stopped working.
Beware, though, you only get one change.
And click seems the devs are keen to alleviate safety concerns surrounding the game.
That should solve the problem… It also looks like Niantic has made a few tweaks to the curve-ball throws.
Now, you should be able to curve-throw Pokéballs at Pokémon with greater accuracy.
And finally, the team leaders Blanche, Candela and Spark have all been given shiny new images, which replace the previous silhouettes.
Pokémon Go — What we want to see Perhaps chief among the things we want to see added is Pokémon trading, a central feature of the Game Boy games of yore.
One of the central mechanics of the classic Game Boy games, and a big part of the fictional Pokéverse itself, trading could surely be the only thing that could make Pokémon Go even more addictive.
And although the game launched without what seems like a crucial feature, a future update will soon have pokemon go beta sign up uk swapping our collected monsters with mates, and possibly people around the world.
According to Niantic CEO and founder John Hanke, who took to the stage at Comic-Con, trading is coming.
Related: While Hanke remained tight-lipped when it came to details, the Pokémon Go beta did include a trading feature, which allowed players to send in-app trading requests to nearby trainers.
The other trainer then had the option to accept or decline.
Whether the final version that comes to Pokémon Go will allow you to trade with players around the globe via the internet remains to be seen.
Starting with Pokémon Red and Blue, the original games featured different types of creatures, which could be swapped with beasts from other players via a physical cable.
Yes, one Nick Johnson made the news recently for bagging all 142 creatures that are currently available in the US.
Seeing as the original lineup of monsters totalled 151, you may be wondering where the remaining nine are.
Well, there are three more creatures exclusive to other international regions, but that still only makes 145 Pokémon in Pokémon Go overall.
Luckily, it seems we can expect to see more coming in the future.
These supply stores are littered around the local environment at locations of interest, and as of right now, provide players with supplies such as Pokèballs and extra items.
Related: But Niantic could be planning to develop the Stops beyond their current function.
Well, it seems Niantic is intent upon adding healing PokéCenters, where damaged creatures could be treated, and which could be introduced in the form of modified PokéStops.
Further details are, again, elusive at this time.
But expect to hear more about upgraded PokéStops in the near future.
Candela, Blanche and Spark were revealed as heads of the Red ValorBlue Mysticand Yellow Instinct factions respectively.
Related: So what does this mean in terms of gameplay changes?
The new leaders will apparently offer advice to players and interact in other ways, although just what that will entail remains unclear.
And the rest Other new features mentioned but not detailed include Pokémon breeding and new gym functionality.
Specifics are currently unavailable, but Hanke made clear during the SDCC panel that Niantic definitely has ambitions to add these elements learn more here the future.
And, you can expect the remaining five legendary Pokémon from the original lineup to crop up in some way.
So when will we get all these amazing features?
For now, the focus for Niantic will be on fixing the server issues that have plagued the game since launch.
Pokémon Go is yet to roll out fully worldwide, so until the company has managed to launch globally and stabilise the server to ensure a smooth experience for all players, the new functionality will likely be put on the back burner.
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