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Join us as our athletes compete and show their skill in figure skating as they compete at the 2018 Special Olympics New Jersey Winter Games. Come and cheer on our athletes and witness the power of sports. Winter Games Fact Sheet · Back to All Events ›.
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the ice dance event, becoming the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history with five medals (three gold, two silver). Finally, Alina Zagitova won the Olympic Athletes from Russia's first gold medal of the Winter Olympics late in the Games, with training partner ...
Strictly speaking, Alina Zagitova, the 15-year-old victor in women's figure skating, competed as a neutral “Olympic Athlete From Russia.. But a nominal banning of Russia from the Olympics for operating a systematic doping scheme at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi was more of a semantic prohibition.

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Official 2018 Winter Olympic schedule and results for Figure Skating. View the competition schedule by day for the PyeongChang Olympics (9-25 Feb). Find results as they happen which athletes are taking home medals for which countries. Don't miss a minute of the most exciting winter sports event.
Figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics was held at the Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangneung, South Korea. The five events were scheduled to take place between 9 and 23 February 2018.
The 2018 Winter Olympics begin Feb. 8 in Pyeongchang, South Korea, opening with one of the Games' oldest most popular sports: Figure skating. Making its debut at the 1908 London Games, figure skating celebrates 110 years as an Olympic sport. MORE: Complete 2018 Olympic schedule, how to watch ...
1 day ago - So who won the women's figure skating gold medal, perhaps the most coveted gold medal at any Winter Games? The one who gamed the system.

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PyeongChang 2018 Figure Skating - Results & Videos

Figure Skating | Sports | The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

Alina Zagitova and Olympic games 2018 figure skating Medvedeva olympic games 2018 figure skating showed the world what that means.
The current third-place skater, Kaetlyn Osmond of Canada, earned a score of a 78.
To put the point gap in perspective, the difference between the 2018 x britain factor scores in figure skating is often measured in mere decimal points.
In some cases, falling on a difficult jump can net a skater more points than perfectly executing a less difficult here />Related Zagitova performs a triple lutz—triple loop combination, the highest-scoring combination in the field.
NBC As seen in the GIF above, Zagitova gets a good amount of height on her jumps and lands both of them cleanly.
But the thing to look for, and what makes this particular combination so difficult, is how perfect her position is when she lands the triple lutz, and how it flows into the triple loop.
A little bobble here or there could throw off the rhythm olympic games 2018 figure skating the loop, but Zagitova is totally in control here.
The judges awarded her 13.
Under the current scoring system, skaters olympic games 2018 figure skating a 10 percent bonus on any jumps they perform in the second half of their short programs and free skates.
The idea is that jumps are harder for a skater to complete on tired legs.
But Zagitova regularly places the jumps in her programs so that they all fall within the second half.
From November 2015 until last month, she was undefeated in the figure skating circuit, with her first loss coming to Zagitova at the.
NBC Watching Medvedeva skate can be a sublime experience and oddly enough, her short program is about and the spirit leaving the body.
As you can see in the GIF above, she knows how to move in a balletic way, extending her limbs, holding poses, and creating aesthetically pleasing arm positions.
In order for Medvedeva to catch Zagitova in the free skate, she needs to keep her technical score as high as possible and hope that her component score see more her ahead.
As for the rest of the field, they will need help — in the form of falls or mistakes made by Zagitova and Medvedeva — to become true challengers for anything higher than a bronze medal, in addition olympic games 2018 figure skating skating brilliantly themselves.
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