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Sky Sports F1 HD 6:45pm Mon 26 Feb 2017 Australian Grand Prix: Standalone Race. See full details. Sky Sports F1 HD. Formula 1: 2017 Australian Grand Prix: Standalone Race. Sky Sports F1 9:00pm Mon 26 Feb Paddock Uncut: Barcelona Test One Day One: 2018 A look inside the Formula 1 paddock at Barcelona ...
The UK is among these markets, with SkySports owning exclusive rights to broadcast the sport until 2025. We suspect that the United States will be one of the launch markets for the streaming service, as domestic TV coverage will be split between ABC and ESPN in 2018, according to Reuters, as there ...
The Monaco and British Grands Prix will be among 10 races broadcast live on terrestrial television in the UK by Channel 4 in 2018. Channel 4 and Sky Sports announced on Monday how their live races will be divided in 2018, with the season opening round in Australia exclusively live.

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F1 calendar 2018: Race schedule rewritten

Which F1 races will be on Channel 4 in 2018? Here's the schedule for UK TV, so you can see which ones you'll be able to watch on free-to-air TV and online. Note that the French Grand Prix is being held at the Paul Ricard circuit in 2018 after an absence of around 30 years from the calendar. Unfortunately ...
F1 races in 2018 will start at 10 minutes past the hour with the Bahrain GP becoming a full night race and the French GP scheduled for a. Prix, returning to the F1 calendar after a decade-long absence and which will be broadcast exclusively live on Sky Sports F1, will start at 3.10pm UK time on June 24, ...
After the massive success of our 2017 coverage, this week we are proud to reveal the races from the Formula 1 calendar that will feature on Channel 4 in 2018. The 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship runs from March to November and spans 21 races in 21 countries across five continents.
Jump to TV broadcasters - [edit]. These are the broadcasters for the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship.. For more information, visit the TV Schedules: Fox Sports Asia Channels · English, Pay, Live*, Live*, Live*, Live, Live. Live coverage of Canada, US and Mexico GPs. Canada · RDS / RDS2 / RDS Info ...

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The technical changes on Ferrari's 2018 F1 car

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Formula One Schedule, F1 Schedule, Auto Racing Schedule - ESPN

List of Formula One broadcasters - Wikipedia

F1 to disappear from RAI free to air TV in Italy, a foretaste of UK situation?
RAI will show only the Italian GP from Monza live.
Central to this discussion is the difference between terrestrial stations, like BBC or ITV in the UK and free to air, which can be carried on digital platforms, but which does not yet have the penetration olcoverage of the terrestrial stations.
In France, which will host a F1 Grand Prix again this season after a lengthy break, a package was agreed by Liberty Media on terrestrial carrier TF1, in addition to the Canal Plus pay service which bucks the trend of things disappearing behind a paywall.
In the UK there is much speculation about the intentions of SKY bosses regarding their obligations under the exclusive deal they have from 2019-24.
This requires them to show the British GP live and race highlights on a free to air channel.
So Liberty has no control over the situation.
Many in the F1 broadcast industry believe we could see a repeat in the UK.
Rupert Murdoch has announced that he is selling his interest in SKY to Disney, which owns ESPN in the USA.
What do you think of this news?
Please use the or.
You entered an incorrect username or password This whole thing is a bad situation that I hope gets better.
I think Liberty just wants the streaming rights and they want it to be free if possible.
Unfortunately many agreements were made before they took over.
ESPN now have the rights in the US.
Give it time to pan out.
In the meantime just get a hacked Amazon Fire TV box or similar if you are in a country affected.
I also get advertising and more people can make a whole lot more money.
Well I think with the announcement from today from Sky to say they will ceasing satellite and be a streaming service like netflix or the like, I think that means, that no channel in the UK will be getting F1 and the one free race a year the British GP will be streaming only!
No doubt padded out to half an hour with ads telling us to subscribe to Sky if we want to see more.
A lot of people hate Sky but would happily pass their cash direct to F1 as a subscription.
If F1 can also sell the feed to a TV broadcaster — all well and good.
But I think they would rather have a direct link to the consumer.
Imagine a channel with all the historic races that you can watch whenever you want etc.
The cars are just not spectacular enough to justify the cost — especially when WRC has gone in completely the opposite direction and made the cars more spectacular and more easy to watch on free-to-air TV with predictable effects on viewing figures and attendances I might add.
Been following f1 since late 80s.
My mum happened to leave the TV on BBC when the race was on and I was captivated as a young child… Literally 5 years old or so.
Now a lifelong fan.
Ch10s coverage in Australia may have been free, but it was a terrible.
Apart from the Melb GP, Ch10 had no Pre Race, no Post Race, no Practice, no F1 show.
consider, svenska casino 2018 shall there will be an option soon the pay some sort of streaming subscription instead.
So F1 or 2 stupid red stripes as per the new logo has new owners that, superficially, claim they want to make F1 more accessible for the fans.
All this digital paywall crap is ruining everything.
Thanks for that, Bernie!!!
The reason for that?
I lost track of which free to watch races were live, and which ones were highlights broadcast later in the day.
I still follow F1, but I usually just read about it online now, and watch video snippets online on the Sunday evening.
And because of that, I see fewer Rolex adverts and buy fewer Rolex watches.
Nutshell — I rarely watch F1, but I read about it all the time.
Brindle and Coulthard were the A team back in the day, who could forget Canada 2011?
Just get rid of Croft and that annoying twit Johnny Herbert.
I do sometimes wish that those who have stopped enjoying F1 would leave this news forum alone and join fellow Luddites on some more history-oriented site.
Been a big fan since 1990been to Silverstone, Monaco, Monza and Spa but if the highlights is on Sky too I wont be watching F1 anymore and wont be looking at this website which is unfortunate as its a great site.
Im a simracer so will have my little 2 hour enjoyment myself in a sunday afternoon instead.
I will have to watch Formula E, motogp and WRC in channel 5 until they disappear A lot of disgruntled F1 fans here, have to say I get a bit frustrated and bored as well sometimes.
Made of tough stuff those blokes, and the camaraderie is fantastic.
Lots of sideways barely in control action.
Bit like the open wheeler races I used to go to watch at Warwick Farm back in the early 70s.
Dakar has been awesome.
Very happy vegas unique las dining 2018 experience Sainz Sr… There are plenty of motorsports events where you feel the drivers are really being tested, and that the results are in large measure a result of their skills: MotoGP, IoM TT, Dakar, WRC….
Funny about that last fact of yours?
It is apparently a universal trait of those who carry the XX chromosome.
It seems to be going down the large porcelain appliance.
Entitlement will come to an end.
Perhaps those folks will realize it had a value all along.
I love it because I invest in seeing it.
Yes we watched it on TV but in the UK TV is not free we all pay for a TV licence….
Id only ever buy Honda and Ducati based solely on Doohan, Gardner, Stoner, Bayliss etc.
However, I cancelled the subscription last November as, like you, I simply could not justify the amount being spent on it.
We were paying around £60 per month for dozens of channels only one of which was actually being watched.
What I am against is paying such a high price for it.
Putting F1 almost entirely behind a pay-wall is, in my opinion, a rather large nail in the proverbial coffin.
CTP, Turn the thought around.
How did I or any other American become a lifetime fan when we never ever never had any FTA coverage of F1?
Welcome to reality…enjoy your stay.
I guess it proves the point that fans can still be attracted.
At the end of the day, do the millionaires and billionaires running the show and doing the motor-racing really care unicorn slot 2018 the riff raff and paupers and I include myslef in that list on this site and elsewhere do with their cash?
Billionaires are always going to race cars and yachts.
They are rich mans pursuits.
Could they even care less who watches?
That would be worse.
Redline, some fans would be less frustrated, but many would be more frustrated!
Why Mercedes and Ferrari get so much money when neither of them need it is beyond me!
I agree with what you have said.
But i do not want to see it go down the Rd of razzmatazz, dancing girls and all singing all dancing hype that seems to be American sport.
We need a Trump like character to take on the F1 heavies.
He is not afraid to call it like it is.
I would describe his actions as strident, but with conviction.
Free to air could mean a slot on thier own channel on freeview.
Being cheapskates it will just be the 1hr skyf1 show from monday evening after a race with plenty of advert gaps telling you about the incredible week of sport ahead.
Whats so hard about finding a different channel on a tv?
Why cant people watch things if its a different button than usual?
After 2018 season, I will no longer be watching F1, I refuse to give Sky my money and as the owners of F1 are not bothered about F1 getting a good TV coverage and viewing figures, I will not be bothered with F1 anymore.
Bitty and stop start conversations.
Only Anthony Davidson and Martin Brundle and Hill shine.
Rest are just pants.
Moto GP highlights on ITV and WRC on 4 and WRC on 5.
WSBK and SBK on ITV or 5 where ever its on World Rally Cross on Quest.
Sky can pander to the pay per view audience.
F1 serious fan since 1985, but it does seem with modern viewing habits F1 is out of sync.
Sport can only overcharge its fans for a period before numbers drop and the real fans find an alternative affordable sport.
Especially people here in the states.
You will only get three races per year on your basic package or local digital broadcast coverage if you are within 25-50 miles of a transmitter with perfect line of sight.
Then again, I think back to the days when the only F1 news was via a monthly print magazine.
I would love to join in the conversation but for some reason the only post showing is mine!
An excellent well thought out post.
Do you actually have a point to make or are you merely trolling?
I am fortunate enough to have Sky to watch the F1 but the quality of the coverage is much better on Channel 4 and previously on BBC and ITV.
Once SKY have exclusive rights, what is their incentive to improve their output?
SKY have a dedicated channel for F1, but other than race weekends, nothing else is broadcast on it.
F1 needs to, if everything is disappearing behind a paywall, give these broadcasters access to testing, car launches and historical races AND make them show them.
If they want exclusive rights, to make people pay for it, we as consumers should be getting a lot more for our />There is so much more that F1 can do as a sport to engage fans.
The old Ecclestone routine of squeezing every penny out of every deal and everyone having to accept it, is history.
Fans demand more or they will switch off, which is what the numbers are starting to show.
There is too many demands on fans time these days.
The sport is doomed!
Every sport that has gone solely behind a paywall has had audiences decimated from millions to a few thousand!
If children are not exposed to a sport they will not get interested in it either as a spectator or consider a career in it!
From that day I was hooked and have never missed a race!!
End of an era.
Want greater audiences but taking away a core group of viewers.
Some of the races are poor value for money entertainment wise if they are to be paid for.
Smacks of F1 elitism a little.
It looks like most of Europe will be watching RTL for a full race season.
Liberty need to realise that F1 has ceased to be the attraction that it once was and are mistaken to believe that people will pay exorbitant subscriptions to watch.
This pay TV route is so short-sighted.
Not to mention a lack of opportunity to get the younger generation into the sport.
That should cover some of the deficit.
I go for the cheaper alternatives, or none at all.
I still love F1 and desperately want to watch it but paying specifically for it is not something I will do.
These deals for TV rights are simply the future and we all need to accept that.
If you want to watch it, you have to pay for it.
It is the same with football, cricket and most other popular sports.
I want to watch the F1 and so I will pay for Sky.
If it moved to BT Sport, I would drop Sky and get BT Formula one uk tv coverage 2018 />FTA is paid for by the advertisements.
If you switch to a pay service I better please click for source have any ads during the race.
NBCSN in the U.
I think they should put out a premium online service with all the races, highlights, etc… and let the FTA have commercials.
I am disillusioned with F1 and after being a religious follower waking up at 5am staying up 24 plus hours etc… to watch races live I find myself caring less and less with the engines, loss of that magical symphony orchestra that once played behind the drivers heads, and now the halo is the final straw.
Make it closed cockpit at this point or do the drivers want the wind to still blow in their hair.
Plus the horrible coverage which gives you commercials to minutes right as something exciting is about to happen.
I guess we all hope it would become better or live up to the potential it has only to be disappointed time and again.
I think I will just invest my time and money into go karting, racing my own car on tracks instead of watching others do it, more fun anyway.
Plus these cars drive themselves.
Mansell said that while having an inexperienced line-up in previous years would have been challenging, modern day F1 cars are easier to drive and therefore it is less of an issue.
So they will get a lot of support I will not watch this season live but will follow this site as a Nicorette patch of sorts.
The Sky packaging tries to extract too much out of the weekend, with lots repeated, endless questions rehashed and lots of filling-in during practice.
I tend to edit it down to the bits I like and try to find the added value bits.
Amen to the rehashing repeated rehashing.
I live in Slovenia.
We lost F1 broadcast a couple of years ago.
I watch races on ORF Austria or RTL Germany.
If the races will be good and lots of content will be available, bring it on.
Endless hours of great content in 4K resolution.
I wonder what Liberty can deliver for this price.
Im lucky, that I can see the races on RTL with my TV deal.
It just happens to be a part of my package here in Denmark.
But I remember the good old days, back home in England, when you could see the highlights on free TV… Murray Walker….
Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!
Disaster, just like in the UK.
With Ferrari threatening to leave every five minutes this news could have serious consequences, far beyond any tv rights income.
The tiffosi will be more than just a tad upset.
Has anyone ever believed them?
As a child and young adult I went to lots of races in the UK and Europe — F1 and more because it was affordable and accessible….
GPs since early 70s.
I will never pay more than the bbc TV tax.
No British Grand Prix likely no TV.
Have fun racing on your own F1.
Personally, it is not a big deal for me when F1 is no longer available in free to air.
There is not mutch to look forward to anyways.
I am watching less and less races and very rarely real time simply because they are predictable.
You always know who is going to take paul or win.
Was it a trully competitive sport and not just a business for sponsors, I would gladly pay and watch all races.
Even if it is free, there are better things to watch.
Moto GP is an example.
Yes, giving licence to pay TV channels is a very easy money generator for the sport, but I think that Liberty should look at the moral aspects as well as just the financial, if F1 could be perceived as morally good as well as exciting, innovative, loud and fast, it would surely attract more to the sport?
May be better for Liberty, but it breaks the team business model which is dependent on sponsors, for whom 10m eyeballs on FTA is obviously better 1m eyeballs behind a paywall.
The move away from every race being broadcast live on Free to Air has already broken the link with many enthusiasts who used to watch every race live.
With 20+ races every year, it was a big time commitment anyway congratulate, play street fighter 2018 online opinion now I only watch, maybe click to see more best five or six races of those being broadcast live.
There are plenty of other interests to take up the time I used to spend watching every race.
The lunacy of now taking away Free to Air F1 altogether from the UK viewer, one of the here most enthusiastic audiences — remember — is obvious.
Viewing figures will plummet further.
I would not be against paying something but under the current Sky arrangements, to watch every race live would cost north of £600pa, a ludicrous figure.
In the long run, everybody will lose from this move.
It works for Premier League football so why doesnt it work with F1?
Less passionate check this out or some other reason?
Also there is usually something controversial in every game to occupy the fans.
It is a more plausible sporting entertainment than F1 for those who pay to watch.
And for many it is not an option to even consider not watching it, almost a way of life.
I agree with what many have said in here that pay wall for F1 will just make the sport shrink.
Have a look at NowTV.
Dip in and out as you want.
I say 23 and not 24 because the British GP will be FTA.
I get my broadband and phone through talktalk with sky sports thrown in for 27 quid a month.
If you go to the Sky website and try to sign up for just Sky Sports F1 HD it does indeed cost £548 £44 x 12 months + £20 a sign-up fee.
Im seems tomb raider 2018 free online game download remarkable sure the millennials access info as much on tv anymore so different platforms to see it live might be a route.
But with their SkySportF1 audience at between 500k and 850K it is a tiny fraction of the FTA audience that used to be attracted by BBC and ITV and about a third to a quater of the current Channel 4 F1 audience.
I do not believe that F1 on ist own is worthwhile for Sky to continue unless they put the price up even further.
Where Ross get the notion that F1 audiences are increasing is a mystery, maybe in Africa!
Controlling their content will be a big issue for liberty.
Sky News is on Freeview, Freesat, and streamed live all day on YouTube.
They could easily do a deal to put formula one uk tv coverage 2018 out on DAVE or QUEST.
Quest have been doing a lot of live snooker so they would be up for it.
I think a lot of people thought that when Liberty took over that changes would be made to cater to the fans by way of improved access.
I think you have to give them 2018 before making up your mind Last year was about trying things and now we will see their real plan coming into action and then you can judge.
I will be as interested as you to see how that plan plays out Thanks for the response James.
Why should we give them another year?
Fan dissatisfaction with broadcast quality and paywall costs are not new!
The minimum Liberty should be doing is to at least acknowledge these facts and give us all a sense of what direction they intend pursuing if in fact they intend to do anything at all.
What else have they done….
It takes a Year, as Zak said in his blog to learn anew scene a new culture especially one as complex as F1 Bear in mind they were blind on many aspects of the business in tgedue diligence process as CVC gave them limited access to data james…I do find it difficult to believe that Liberty went ahead with such a massive acquisition without being able to access all financial data and contractual liabilities data to justify their business case!
Having worked at board level in American Entertainment companies i can tell you from experience that they are harsh taskmasters and not generally known for their reticence.
For me, ATM, Liberty is a big unknown click to see more i am not betting that they will make any of changes that the fans seek.
If anything i can see them upping the ante even more!
I presume that they would assumed status quo in all the existing markets.
I was really hoping that they were developing a pay per view online product that allowed you to target your viewing without having to also buy NBA, MLB, NFL, the history channel and re-runs of The Nanny.
Cancelling my Foxtel subscription was one of the hardest things i ever congratulate, x factor best performances 2018 something not because it broke my heart… The Foxtel operative was clearly goaled on my retention at any cost, and offered me massive discounts and incentives to not send the box back -in the end i found it all even more insulting as i was left with the feeling that i had been massively over-charged for the length of my contract…which made me want to leave even more!
free game center 2018 funny you mention the NBA.
Not least because of the debt they assumed for the acquisition.
The foundation they lay this year will be crucial for the long term success of the sport.
James, as a stakeholder in the sport, are you not concerned by the general negativity of the fans?
I am sure there is a lot going on behind the scenes, but nothing I have seen from Liberty so far makes me think they can reverse the disenchantment of the fans.
Redline…Considering that the fans and a majority of posters on this site have relentlessly called for these changes over an extended period of time…nothing seems to ever get done.
The fact is that no one from the media, who have direct access to liberty, seems willing to take them head on and present them with the hard evidence of fan dissatisfaction.
All i seem to hear is overblown and largely unintelligible US marketspeak from who Bratches talks in a mindless terminology that when dissected actually says bugger all!
I am disappointed that no one seems willing to put the hard questions to Liberty.
I am ever thankful to Martin Brundle to faced off with Wolff at a post race interview last year where he put all the points which we have raised a multitude of times here on this site.
Brundle was up for it just like someone should spot Liberty and lets see what they are all about.
Kenneth… Completely agree with you.
Its all a bit odd — the Liberty deal was apparently over a year in the making.
You would have thought that they did enough diligence to walk through the door on day 1 with a game plan.
Personally, I expected Liberty to make some significant early moves to create goodwill and send a message that they are serious about the overall good of the sport.
Something like address PU penalty issues or killing the halo.
They have a connection with ITV.
After destroying ITVs own on demand digital box.
They somehow have now got their paws into that broadcaster.
This is what happened in Australia over the last few years.
Initially every second race was shown on FTA and this year it will be just the Australian GP.
I just had look at the list of broadcasters in each country on Wikipedia and there are more and more countries where F1 is only available on Pay Seems best online survival games 2018 very />These deals were presumably all signed during click here Ecclestone era, so they must know about them and have planned accordingly, but one thing is for sure, the audience is going to shrink by a huge amount once F1 goes behind a paywall.
I stopped when the 2019 Sky deal was announced.
I only read about it on JAonF1 and via Google interesting turkey vs czech republic 2018 opinion />Plenty more fish in the sea.
Is there a tinder for former F1 fans?
On another thread we have had some good debate about F1 dying due to the rise in electric cars.
However I believe Bernie and the paywalls along with a lack of competition has already put a couple of nails in the coffin.
If F1 is not careful the downward cycle of racing fans switching off will just escalate.
Less viewers equals less sponsors and on it goes.
Relying on the twitter generation is not a sustainable model as they are the generation that expects to get music and tv for free.
Liberty need to act fast to stop the rot.
Viewing figures are F1.
James there seems to be a major lag.
Between posting a comment and then when you go back to the article its still registering the same number of quotes as day before.
Is something going on with the new system?
At the weekend maybe more on a few occasions.
Oh well welcome to the future of updates … I guess.
F1 broadcasting is stuck in the past.
Take Formula E, everything is broadcasted live via Facebook Live.
Result: the series is attracting vast amount of sponsors and even a title sponsor.
Pay per view model will reduce F1 to its hardcore base viewership.
F1 needs a new generation of fans.
With this state of play, F1 will end up in the museum Yep looks like fta for F1 is gone worldwide.
Here in Australia we lost even highlights from mid year.
Sad day and I am not even bothered going to the Melbourne race this year, as my ability to watch the whole season is gone….
Pay wall is a short term fix.
I wish Liberty waited out a bit, before letting the younger generation taste F1 before making watching F1 costly.
Now, the disconnect widens, and the viewership reduces further, and next contract renewal brings even smaller revenue.
Most of these deals were under previous management although Liberty does want streaming which has affected others.
This is a short sighted move and will harm long term future of F1.
It means that it becomes increasingly unlikely that people will stumble upon F1 and become fans just like I did as a kid.
Over the long run this will reduce the fan base and damage the sport.
Spare a thought for us in Australia.
We used to get the GP on free to air, now we get about one in three races with the rest shown on foxtel.
I used to be a big fan, but, like most Australians have just about given up on F1.
Shame, cause I love it.
Now I just read JA on F1…… We will get nothing this year Dan.
With the exception of.
Enjoy Moto GP instead.
Real racing, multiple potential winners every weekend, genuinely brave riders and no gaylos.
Multiple POTENTIAL winners TimW.
Bit of difference when comparing to F1.
If that rate of progress continues, then he could easily bag wdc number five next year, unless one of the Red Bull boys beats him to it….
Dan…remember though that CH10 broadcast was utter crap…After taking the ads click the following article account it was more like highlights with Crusty and AJtwo commentators that should never be left in front of a camera especially if it is running!!!!
Your comments about crusty and aj sound exactly the same as what my brother and I always texted each other about during the races!
I will miss that!
James, can you confirm that Ch 10 will be broadcasting ANY F1 in 2018, apart from the Oz GP?
It is the most infuriating thing to switch on the monday night highlight package and the race starts within 10 seconds of the broadcast commencing!
Whenever I read such articles I do with great interest as it is in the interest of the future of this damn beloved sport we all enjoy so much.
I have been watching F1 since 1995 and enjoy it thoroughly.
Nail biting finales through to the boring races of them all I have watched every single one without fail.
It has even caused arguement between myself and my loved ones but F1 will always come first on a Sunday!!
What annoys me the most is the negative comments surrounding this issue we so often see.
Sky has traditionally managed to negotiate contracts where they show all mainstream sports — some they keep, some they improve the quality of broad casting then lose the rights.
It will always be this way.
When the BBC lost the rights at the end of 1996, ITV took over and the quality of the broadcast improved greatly.
We had 13 years in the UK of excellent coverage….
But as a fan you deal with it.
Then the BBC took it back over and yet again the coverage improved to a much more detailed programme setting the bar for how F1 should be shown.
Then lo and behold the BBC bailed out on there contract terms and this is where sky intervened.
The problem was the bbc.
Sky just did what they had to do.
They would of been foolish not to have gone for the rights.
When sky took over YET AGAIN the quality of broad casting improved.
We now have an entire TV channel dedicated to the sport.
Could the bbc or itv offer this??
I think people should lay off sky.
They did what they had to do and I for one enjoy all the extra programming produced and I can even tolerate the same loop programing on non f1 weekends and in the off season.
Quite simply I like a beer now and then and I have to pay for it….
I like the occasional ciggarette and I have to pay for it….
I like formula one also, and believe it or not I have to pay for it too.
You either put up with it and enjoy the show or be angry about it and let it ruin your enjoyment of the sport.
I have no time for the occasional fan.
Roll on this season and keep your eye on Alondo.
I like formula one also, and believe it or not I have to pay for it too.
You either put up with it and enjoy the show or be angry about it and let it ruin your enjoyment of the sport.
I have no time for the occasional fan.
Yes… how dare people take less of an interest in a topic than you do, Mr Purist.
The only system I can realistically see working in relation to being able to both grow the sport and also make money, would be for races to be FTA but qualifying, FP support races, and behind-the-scenes material to be behind some kind of paywall.
You make some compelling arguments.
While a lot of football in the U.
F1 makes money and survives because people are watching it and are associating it with a quality exciting product.
At the moment there is a false bubble being created by social media that will burst.
For example when Rolex stop paying to advertise to millions of 14 year olds that will never buy a watch let alone a Rolex.
F1 needs to grab the next generation of consumers and high trackside prices combined with pay walls is not going to do that.
They are able to reach their target audience via other channels, as Logitech are able to target the 14 year olds through social media, eSports hubs etc So the role of Live TV in carrying the actual races is not as mission critical to F1 as it was 20 or even 10 years ago, but it is still — for the moment — the principle shop window for the sport I disagree.
Those 14 year olds will soon count for something.
The biggest majority of posters here are old timers 50 or older.
You have to get the next generation for sure.
Well if you want to pay extra to get extra pay is fine.
If not the free stuff should at least cover all the races.
He is an embarrassment and irritating, like a pebble lodged in ones tennis sneaker.
We are lucky here in having such a good FTA option this year.
I fear that free to air in Australia will go the same way.
Surely Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull want a mass tv audience to justify their massive investments but tv audience will be decimated if not on fta?
I am a long term Funny games youtube fan, attended 1964 British GP.
The first F1 race that i attended was the British at Silverstone 1960!
All up i get a really good package and am more than happy, however, for those unable to watch i feel very very sorry.
Channel 10 coverage was always rubbish + adverts!
The coverage of all practice, qualifying and the race is comprehensive.
Wonder if the manufacturer teams and team sponsors care about hiding the F1 Championship behind full pay walls and their audiences collapsing.
Likewise F1 global audience had been declining for last 10 years.
Liberty claim that 2017 was better versus prior year.
Looking at the official numbers published on unique viewers, it does however indicate the negative trend continues.
So much for their marketing bs.
Not in the US but yeah that graph is for everywhere else and Europe is the largest market.
Pay only is a very bad idea.
The F1 media report will come out in March, and we can see then if Chase is lying or not.
Fair enough TimW, we will see what Liberty will report out in Source />But trouble with it as also reported by many is that they are no longer measuring what and how the same way.
So you cant compare the 2016 number with their new number for 2017.
And reading the neutral F1 Global Media Report, as I referred to above, then the negative trend continued in 2017.
Actually it was the second biggest % year miami heat game schedule january 2018 year drop of audience measured over the past 10 years.
Only the dismal 2009 had a bigger % YoT drop versus prior year.
They fiddled with the way they measure their audience and extrapolate out to estimate their total market audience over the past two years, so not same model.
The independent media organization is considered making the most accurate market research and their report shows a drop of more than 30M+ unique F1 viewers from 2016 total to 2017 total.
Those articles are for the UK only, and they have been messing with the feed here for years.
Pay only is bad.
Remember the music industry.
I used to pirate a little bit but then I would buy what I liked.
They cracked down so I kept the old Led Zeppelin.
Pay only is bad people.
Lkfe, it seems you Aussies are getting seriously screwed!
A terrestrial channel, or one available on freeview?
Either way, the highlights programme is surely going to be loaded with gambling adverts for skybet and football sports subscription ads… Clarkes, those Skybet ads seriously get my goat!
I get the Sky package anyway, but I doubt they will make the highlights free if they can wriggle out of it.
Freeview is free to receive, and they switched off the old analogue channels years ago.
I watched one of the last highlights races where it went from lap 22 to lap 62 with nothing in between.
Longtime F1 fan, visited many F1 races, paid sky cost to watch it.
I cancelled sky in December.
If there is no FTA F1, then fan count in this UK house is -2.
A bad Bernie £ deal sees UK F1 audience crash in 2019 once C4 cases breasting their scraps.
And F1 is a UK powerhouse dynamo for talent, savvy and prestige.
Yes six nations 2018 Advertisers chase eyeballs.
F1 does not work without advertisers.
Murdoch cocopah casino yuma az 2018 fireworks is his want puts everything behind a paywall.
If you want to kill a sport, restrict the majority of your potential audience from watching — job done.
Slowly but surely F1 has become the sport of the chosen ones.
If I remember correctly, Your memory has not failed you Gaz!
I remember avoiding the news all day waiting for the highlights from Japan 89 shown at 10.
He he he, I am loving it.
I want less competition lfor car no 44, like Schumacher used to have in his untouchable machinery, against his much feared imprisoned mighty teammate.
The Value no longer equals the cost.
That really does sum it up.
Girls clearly want the noise!
Had a similar experience at the OZ GP in 2015.
I was lucky enough to be at a corporate event with my wife for a change rather than walking around and enjoying the various viewing areas with the lads.
The ladies scurried our onto the deck with us guys and marvelled at the sound.
Then the RAAF FA18 Hornet did its stuff, the thunderous roar caused even more of a stir in the ladies tummies and other places.
They were sorely disappointed as the cars whizzed past like vacuum cleaners.
That said it all!
I hated these Hybrid abominations from the outset.
I screamed from the rooftops when I heard them for myself at the first race in 2014.
I knew they would cause a massive fall in attendance and interest on TV.
The FIA pandered to their pets from the road car manufacturing industry and thumbed their noses at the fans.
Now look where we are!
One thing is for sure.
Fighter pilots do not get the praise or pay of F1 drivers even though many have plenty of talent.
Pretty much sums it up, as the responses indicate!
Remember all V6s sound terrible even in person but the speed is there now.
I like speed no matter how it sounds.
I might miss F1 at first, but something else will quickly fill the void.
So Sky have done you a favour really.
Not spending a single cent on F1.
No TV no races no travel no subscriptions and no magazines.
My interest in F1 will wane even more with the lack of coverage.
If Sky invest in a channel on Freeview my hope is that they have the good sense to broadcast it in HD.
That being said I have little doubt there will be an opportunity to fund any such delayed coverage with the use of a well advertised spot so bang goes the BBC!
The proof will be in the pudding and if viewer numbers decrease then shame on Mr E for selling his home publics F1 interests for the sake of a few extra dollars.
In recent times I have found the live races on the BBC Radio 5 coverage to be just as good, if not better, than the televised offerings certainly compared with any Sky coverage I have seen.
I find Sky to be presumptuous with there coverage.
But for the grace of god and all that.
Simon Lazenby seems as disinterested in F1 as Jim Rosenthal was.
Ted Kravitz has all the grace of a World War.
His questions are often designed to provoke a reaction rather than seeking questions the viewers might want.
Look at the recent C4 coverage with Louise Goodman.
She asked informed questions that got to the heart of the issue without upset or offence.
Compare C4 to Sky.
Ok Steve Jones can be a little excitable but a sign he is enjoying what he is doing and feels privileged to be doing it.
I for one will miss the terrestrial coverage especially if F1 sorts itself out I have no doubt they are trying to do so.
We shall have nothing to compare the coverage against and Sky will continue there same model as they will be exclusive.
For the time being we have other motor sports on terrestrial TV which are just as entertaining, if not fewer rounds, but at least you have something to look forward to.
In his other answers he admits that F1 was more thrilling back then, more demanding.
Just think about it.
At Oak Ridge they have figured out a way to charge car batteries without putting this system down all main roads.
They only have to do that partially to make the system of wireless induction charging to work.
So I see racing as we know it if it has to apply to road cars being very different in not long.
Drag racing except for a few electronics is pretty old school.
Mopar hemi engines with some formula one uk tv coverage 2018 control.
They are faster than ever.
It now only applies to supercars anyhow.
They actually might stick around if rich people do.
Stick to the subject, which is pay for view vs free to air.
Terrestrial TV is dying, and pay for view is dying, and streaming will take over until the next big thing whatever that is appears.
Value for money Sky vs BBC?
Pay for exactly what you want is the near term future.
Maybe the F1 teams could leverage the TV contracts vs FTA exposure for sponsors, but I think the way people watch TV is changing so rapidly that FTA figures will be lower anyway in the very near future.
What are your viewing habits like?
PS — Bring back skirts, that has as much relevance s PUs in this post….
Well there are many ways of people watching anyhow without paying and they will so pay only is a terrible idea.
They have a helluva job to sort out the Ecclestone tv legacy, keep revenues up, and adapt to modern watching trends.
The point is that whether or not the BBC existed you would pay for a TV license.
In France the TV license is not far off the UK cost and the content can be awful plus extended breaks for adverts.
The UK license is, on a worldwide basis, very reasonable PLUS you get the BBC — TV, Radio etc.
Sebee, the eighties turbos could maintain 1300 bhp for two laps maximum!
In the races they had more like 800bhp, and even with that lower power linit the drivers were lifting and coasting for half the race.
Anyhow, no turbos in 1989, and with that regulation change, and points in only P1-P6, here is what it says on the wiki page for 1989.
Sebee, the engines in 1990 were V10s turning out around 700bhp, no turbo engine ever ran over 1000 for the whole race, let alone 1300!
Where on earth did you get that idea from?
Great, how is that better than 9 out of ten teams doing the same last year?
No but the issues are now on the TV in certain countries.
The sound might not be as good but I thought 2017 was pretty decent.
Because one can have strong feelings about, and love for, the sport based on its history in my case having been a fan since 1969, eight years oldwhile at the same time be distressed about what has happened to the sport in its present day, pathetic incarnation.
Because some people like moaning.
Oh look everyone, TimW up on his high horse again moaning about the moaners as if his moaning is somehow more justifiable compared to the other moaners.
When your the biggest sook on this site complaining about others expressing an opinion it truly is laughable.
I enjoy the racing, I love the cars and I am just as much a fan of the sport now as I was when I started watching 35 years ago.
Do I complain about the sport, the cars, the engines, the stewards, the rules, the FIA, single team domination, TV ratings, the low manliness levels of the current drivers, track limits, run off areas, halos, shark fins, shift lights, engine modes, ers and drs?
The answer is of course no.
The only thing I moan about is you and your pals constant attempts to turn any discussion on this site into a Lewis bashing session.
Maybe if you want to see who the real sooks are, you could look back through your own comments and check when was the last time you said anything positive about the sport at all….
I will continue to enjoy the races, just as I have always done, which hardly makes me a lonely voice does it?
Gareth, so do I have strong opinions on things or not?
Please make your mind up, and be sure to let me know as soon you decide!
Then in 2008 I stumbled into the historics in Monaco while on holiday.
Bought a 40E ticket to sit in a F1 seat that would cost 900E click at this page was hooked.
Massive Value for hugely reduced cost.
Did you celebrate the winner, or were you full of misery about the outcome.
Superior talent was justly rewarded that night.
How can people who see F1 as part reality show be complaining about their special sport diminishing.
No excuse for F1 to disappear from terrestrial TV in Britain.
Generally I come to this site for F1 news.
So free to air is no loss to me really.
TT and road racing get my attention these days.
Less corporate, no politics side of racing.
A rider mostly ordinary blokes who can ride a bike very quicklya few mechanics and a transit to go racing.
Watched since the 70s as a kid with my Dad.
No way would i ever consider paying for a Sky subscription.
If Liberty did an f1 streaming package at a possible rate, then maybe.
Like you, I too enjoyed motor SPORT, when a team could run on the same amount of money as Hamiltons wage.
Methinks this is going to be the norm round the globe.
Certainly Australia has lost most FTA TV for both F1 and Supercars.
Lost me too, not going to pay a monthly fee for just F1.
Bar a couple of exceptions, F1 races in that period were as predictable, if not worse, as today!
Sorry to say I agree.
Those are pretty much my sentiments as well.
No coaching in their ear piece or how to drive… just pure instinct.
Bernie chased the money and in the process went full political correct and we the fans, as the racing, suffered as a result.
Sarsippious, I think you would have to go a lot further back than 2008 to find a time when drivers had no help from the pitwall, I believe Brabham were the first team to have two way radio between pit and car in 1984, and telemetry has been around since the late eighties.
I also seem to remember James telling us during the radio ban furore in 2016 that a driver from the nineties told us that he was coached by his engineer throughout his />But back to the article.
Losing free-to-air sport is nothing new.
That RAI was still showing live F1 is actually a surprise.
Here in Portugal, RTP the PT equivalent of RAI stopped broadcasting it years ago.
The mistake many people make is comparing this season of F1 and saying it was better in the nineties, the lack of fairness in comparing one year with ten seems to not occur to them….



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