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2018 game release dates ps4

What new PS4 games will release in February 2018? We've got all the dates and all of the intel on what is shaping up to be a pretty big month for the PlayStation 4 yet again. The highlights this time include Sony's anticipated Shadow of the Colossus remake, as well as Owlboy, Metal Gear Survive, and ...
1 day ago - From thrilling hunts of giant beasts to a touching tale of young love, 2018 has already opened an impressive and eclectic gaming library. Long may it continue. And the PS4 upgrade is simply stunning, with improved camera, controls and technical oomph bringing the game's artistic vision to life. Full review ...
From 'Far Cry 5' to 'Sea Of Thieves' all the video games releasing in March and which ones you should play.. Death end re;Quest - (PS4) - March 4th; Bravo Team - (PSVR) - March 6th; Fear Effect Sedna - (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One) - March 6th; Final Fantasy XV - (PC) - March 6th; Frantics - (PS4) ...

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PlayStation Plus March 2018 FREE PS4 Games will be Sony's BEST PS Plus ever claims source | Daily Star

All · Xbox 360 · PS3 · PC · Wii U · 3DS · Vita · iPhone · Xbox One · PS4 · Game Title. Publisher. Release Date · Moss PS4. Action , Adventure. Polyarc. February 27, 2017. Immortal Redneck PS4. Shooter. Not Available. February 27, 2018. RiftStar Raiders PS4. Shooter. Climax Studios. February 27, 2018. de Blob 2 PS4.
1 day ago - From Shadow of the Colossus to Bayonetta 1 and 2, here's all the Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One, 3DS, and PS Vita games releasing in February 2018.
These PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PSN video game release date pages highlight February 2018 PS4 games.
These PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PSN video game release date pages highlight March 2018 PS4 games.

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10 BEST Upcoming PLAYSTATION 4 GAMES of 2017 & 2018

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Either way, you'll find our list of tantalising gaming treats enough to have you excited for the months ahead.
There are plenty 2018 game release dates ps4 amazing PS4 games on the horizon, coming throughout 2018 and beyond, so we've chosen the best of those coming up - both exclusive and cross-platform releases - for you to pop on your pharaoh 2018 bc lists.
And we'll be updating this round-up regularly - as new trailers are released - so check back often.
We don't know that much about the gameplay, but you can be assured of one thing: there will be thousands of undead denizens trying to eat your face off.
Shadow of the Colossus Release date: 6 February 2018 PS4 exclusive: Yes Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Shadow of the Colossus was a cult hit back in the days of the PlayStation 2, and got a graphical remaster for a release on PS3.
However, the PS4 version is almost a completely remade game.
The article source colossi are there to fight, with the same gameplay at heart, but it looks like a brand new title in 60fps - stunning.
The control method has also been tweaked, as has some of the shonkier camera angles from before.
We're not entirely sure of the gameplay yet, considering the trailer is more scene setting, but this samurai tale is definitely on our radar now.
Release date: TBC PS4 exclusive: Yes Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Another PS4 exclusive to be announced at Paris Games 2018 game release dates ps4 2017 was Concrete Genie, an interesting game that reminds us a bit of Scribblenauts.
That's visit web page you can create graffiti on walls that comes to life and helps with gameplay.
We'll be following this one closely in the coming months.
Beyond Good And Evil 2 Release date: 2018 PS4 exclusive: No, also on Xbox One and PC Publisher: Ubisoft Announced during E3 in June, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is long overdue, considering the first was released over 15 years ago.
The game's other-world setting - where multiple species communicate and interact - is quirky, cheeky and stunning.
Think The Fifth Element in video game form and you're half way there.
Not that we're complaining, Metro: Exodus looks stunning - while ensuring its fair share of frightening scares too.
Monsters versus man, with limited supply of ammo, this first person shooter looks as though it could be a play wrestling 2018 thrill.
And we mean that in a good way.
The vast open-world format and the way it can be flown through is a spectacle to behold.
Unfortunately, it has been pushed back to an early 2019 release to avoid clashing with EA's latest Battlefield game.
Release date: 2018 PS4 exclusive: Yes Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony has followed its initial teaser trailer with something far more dark and disturbing, showing the sequel to Naughty Dog's superlative horror game will not be for the faint hearted.
Be wary when watching the above, it's full of some extreme violence.
But it does its job well in making us want to play The Last of Us 2 even more - if that 2018 game release dates ps4 indeed possible.
By making the oddest, most disturbing survival horror game on the planet, that's how.
Or, at least, that's what we think Hideo Kojima is up to.
We can't really make heads nor tails of the gameplay at the moment.
Needless to say, the first game from his newly formed Kojima Productions has the entire world's attention.
We just have no idea when it might be released.
The story, set in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world, follows a badass biker trying to survive in a zombie-laden land.
Cue interspersed sections of his past playing on his mind and there's the crucial balance of story and third-person shoot-'em-up.
The real standout tech in the game, though, is just how many zombies are depicted on screen.
The game follows on from its previous Greek Mythology 2018 game release dates ps4, moving into Norse Mythology, but doesn't 2018 game release dates ps4 back on the giant beasts and battles.
From trolls to dragons, there's going to be plenty of bone-crunching fights to satisfy fans both old and new.
Release date: 2018 PS4 exclusive: Yes Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment One of Marvel's best-loved characters is coming to PS4 in all his web-slinging glory.
The gameplay we've seen so far is partly reminiscent of the Batman Arkham series, with open-world settings and fluid combat.
We also love Spidey's new outfit, which was created especially for the new game universe - how long until we see it in the comics though?
His forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Detroit: Become Human, plays upon android co-inhabitants on earth, their dis obedience of their human commanders, and the inevitable fallout that such a power balance entails.
As with all Quantic Dream games, the hyper-real visuals are wrapped around a point-and-click style adventure, with a decision-based storyline and consequential actions based on your choices.
We must point out that the trailer above shows depictions of domestic violence and child abuse, so don't watch it if that could leave you distressed.
It's tongue-in-cheek 1930s-style trailer shifts direction not long in, introducing a rosta of enemy types - from the undead to armoured minotaurs - which look like they'll ensure it's no picnic.
Throw in the usual array of hunting, shooting, flying and general disarray and it looks to be a return form for the series.
And, considering what we've seen of it so far, it's looking every bit the game we've wanted for years.
The only issue is that it has been delayed a couple of times; this time to 26 October 2018.
Rockstar is keeping us sure a-waiting.
England and Wales company registration number 5237480.



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